Pet Fashion, SO HOT RIGHT NOW. Pet Fashion.


Summer in Brooklyn has arrived. You know what this means. It means early mornings rushing off to catch the L train in the sweltering summer sun, smiling bearded faces as they clutch their iced Doppios and French(ish) pastries, dodging seasonal joggers trying to get that last minute “beach bod” ready, bikers in spandex, and dogs, lots and lots of dogs. Seriously, they are everywhere. I accidentally tripped on one outside my apartment yesterday.

About the dog thing, I’m certainly NOT complaining because who doesn’t love to see a dog walker being pulled every which way by a pack of high energy, mix-matched dogs! A favorite pastime of mine is to stop and pet every single one until I notice the eye roll which means it’s time to move right on along.

It is pretty safe to say that dogs win summer. They can frolic around outside all day—eating flowers, chasing birds, peeing on every single wall/tree/sign/other dog they want while their owners slave the day away in over air-conditioned offices stacked on top of one another. They don’t need to worry about that summer bod, or armpit sweat, or getting an awkward sunburn that will have your boss question your maturity level (real adults KNOW how to apply sunscreen evenly, c’mon).

One thing I have noticed that is definitely a thing now is dogs are no longer naked. The other day I brought my dog to Mccarren Park and felt like I was standing in the middle of an elementary school’s recess, or in the kitchen of a WeWork office. By this, I mean I could count the number of plaid button down shirts on more than one hand. It was pretty adorable but eye opening to say the very least. I could judge by the lack of interaction going on between my normally overly social dog and the others that he felt a bit inferior to these stylish fur-human creatures, maybe even slightly embarrassed that his owner did not think to pick out his plaid shirt for the day (what can I say I am an unfit mother). It was so bad at one point I seriously considered vocalizing something along the lines of, “Dogs in plaid these days! Am I right?” just to see the reaction I would get.

As I sat there while my confused pup tried to salvage his manhood, I decided to quickly google pet fashion and found what I think may be the cutest (but also most ridiculous) company to ever exist, called Wagdrobe (like Wardrobe but for animals with tails, hence the WAG part). Their Instagram is a fun curation of photos of pets in full on head to toe outfits, including ridiculously cute items such as princess crowns, hair bows, suspenders, aviator glasses, Hawaiin T shirts, cardigans, jeans, etc. Upon further inspection I realized that Wagdrobe is akin to a pet styling service, so you choose a favorite style (they have super girlie styles and then you have your preppy or hipster styles), then you type in your pet’s info and leave the rest up to the “pet stylists”. I am not one to try out surprise boxes, but this one starts at only $25, so I gave it a try and ordered Bowie a “Hipster Hound” Wagdrobe box because he is a Brooklyn man after my own heart.

I completely understand that not everyone will agree with my decision to succumb to peer pressure and dress my dog up this summer, but hey, this is the year 2016 and I just ordered a multi-colored cronutagel (a donut/croissant/ bagel hybrid) with frosting cream cheese and sprinkles and called that breakfast. It’s time to get weird with the rest of the world and I cannot wait to see what the pet stylists pick out for Bowie!

What's In Your Wagdrobe Pet Fashion Box?

The surprise element is the most exciting part of ordering your very own Wagdrobe box! It's like a game we used to play at summer camp called "What's in the box?" You could either choose to take the tempting prize that was offered up front (ice cream for your bunk, movie night, etc.) OR you could take a gamble and have what was in the box! You never really knew what was in the box, that was part of the fun! 3/4 of the time what was in the box was a signed autograph of the head staff or worse you might have just signed your whole bunk up for clean up in the cafeteria in that day...but, if your stars were aligned that day, you might have just won your bunk the right to stay out past curfew-- or even better, you were granted a field trip to the local pizza place (which, for summer campers is equivalent to a trip to Disney World )  for the feast of a summertime!  

Anyway, these pets all could have had the lovely pet fashion items they see every day in their generic pet shops, but they chose the box! Let these pictures below serve as a PSA to always take that gamble and choose the box! You won't exactly know what will be inside, but you will love it every time.


Yep, I will take the box thank you!

Yep, I will take the box thank you!

I don't know about you but my heart belongs to this box.

I don't know about you but my heart belongs to this box.

Life is like a box o' pet clothes & accessories you never know what you're gonna get.

Life is like a box o' pet clothes & accessories you never know what you're gonna get.

Me and this box, we could be friends.

Me and this box, we could be friends.

I think I will chill here for a little, kapeesh?

I think I will chill here for a little, kapeesh?

How would I not choose what's in THIS BOX?

How would I not choose what's in THIS BOX?

Went in the box naked, came out a Ralph Lauren model!

Went in the box naked, came out a Ralph Lauren model!

They say a woman always needs options...

They say a woman always needs options...

Ladies will do just about anything for fashion! #amirite

Ladies will do just about anything for fashion! #amirite

Mine. All MINE.

Mine. All MINE.

I think this Wagdrobe box makes me look suave, no?

I think this Wagdrobe box makes me look suave, no?

Like you need any more convincing that a Wagdrobe box is pretty much always a good idea! Shake things up and get styling today ---> #WHATWILLBEINYOURBOX?


Our Favorite Denver Broncos' Players as Dogs

Super Bowl 50 is here! We've taken players from the Denver Broncos and matched them with their spirit canines because we have entirely way too much time on our hands. We are also super pumped for Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl XII so fortunately for you our excitement has manifested itself into this here blog post. Woo!

C.J Anderson

Ronnie Hillman

Owen Daniels

Peyton Manning


DeMarcus Ware

Sly Williams

T.J. Ward

Malik Jackson

Derek Wolfe

Demaryius Thomas

Von Miller

Emmanuel Sanders

Vernon Davis

Aqib Talib

You cannot unsee the above.
May the best team win tomorrow! Arrrrrrrf (Go Team Go!)


Top Dog Movies We Love

We love our movies and we love our dogs more! That's why we made this list of top cinematic creations with a canine as the top billed actor!

In no particular order:

Marley & Me

Homeward Bound

Air Bud





Best in Show

Turner and Hooch

My Dog Skip

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

The Sandlot


Eight Below

White God

Red Dog

Leave a comment and let us know what's your favorite!

Why Your Dog Wags Its Tail

Ever wish you could chat with your dog?

Well, the bad news is you still can’t (Soooooory). But the good news is that research, conducted by neuroscientists at the University of Trento, Italy, has uncovered how dogs actually communicate!

With this information we can decipher how our pets are feeling in the moment and we can respond accordingly.

How is this, you might ask?

It’s all in the tail!



Yes, big bushy ones, short nubby ones...the movement of a tail is how dogs communicate to one another and how they communicate to us humans as well. We knew there was more to them than looking so darn cute! This doggie language is based on not only the motion of their tails, but also on their position.

It is commonly believed that dogs wag their tail in excitement when they are happy or friendly or want some good ol’ lovin, but this is actually not the case. It turns out that quick wishy-washy movement may not always signal a good thing.

Research has proven that if Fido is wagging his tail to the right, he genuinely is happy to see you! So go ahead and shower him with all the kissies when you walk in the door from work!

We know that if Fido vigorously wags his tail to the left, he may be anxious or stressed.

Why is this, you might ask?

According to science, the brain’s left hemisphere controls the right side of the body, and vice versa. Research on the approach-avoidance behavior of other animals has shown that the left hemisphere is associated with the positive approach feelings, and the right hemisphere is associated with negative-avoidance feelings (Rogers 2009).

Dogs use their tails to chat with each other as well. A study found that dogs understand the tail wagging of other dogs a right tail wag relaxes other dogs while a left-wagging tail induces stress.

Aside from the good ol' windshield wiper movement of the tail, there’s also a science to the position of a dog’s tail when they are feeling a certain way!

Here’s the tail position breakdown so you can try and speak canine and better understand your furriends:

If your dog is feeling good his tail will be in its  “natural position”. We like to refer to this as the “chill position”. This chill position varies for breeds, for most dogs it refers to their tail hanging down near their hocks (or heels). A pug’s chill position would be when its tail is curled upwards.

When your dog is in his/her “chill position”, go ahead and cuddle with them or maybe this would even be a great time to break some unsettling news. They may take it a bit better in this relaxed state.

Speaking of unsettling news...

If your dog is nervous or submissive, its tail will be lower than normal. We’ve all seen this phenomenon when you’re just about to leave the house for work or go away on vacation. Dogs know what’s up so try and speak gently to your dog when they’re in this position. Let your dog know (in that gentle whisper) how much fun they will be having with the pet sitter and let him/her know you will bring all the treats home for them when you return!

When your dog is scared he/ she will tuck their tail under its body. It’s probably best not to approach a dog that is in this position as he/she may act aggressive as a form of self protection. If you come home to find your dog in this position, it’s best to speak and act in a calm and assuring manner. If your dog sees that you are calm in the situation they are more likely to relax as well.

If you notice your dog with a vertical tail, this may signal aggression so this would not be an ideal time to give them kissies! Save those for later.

If your dog is meeting a new person for the first time or sniffing out a new treat their tail will be straight out .This is a sign that he/she is curious. Try asking them, “what’s up?”. They won’t answer but they will appreciate the sentiment.

We’ve told you how to recognize when your dog is stressed, unhappy, scared, curious, anxious but you may be wondering how to tell if your dog is happy or aroused!

The answer:

If your dog is aroused, their tail may be higher than normal. You may have noticed that the sweet sounds of Taylor Swift or the smell of cookies baking in the oven will induce such a response (in humans too, not just dogs).

So there you have it. While we won't be able to hold a worldly convo with our dogs any time soon, we can pay more attention to the movement/position of their tails, therefore we can respond in a more appropriate manner and communicate more effectively with them! WOOF (YAY!)

Pawesome Valentine's Day Gifts for Dogs

You love your dog and if you’re like us you tell them pretty much every second of the day“Who wuvs you?! Mommy wuvs you Mr.Scraggles!”

We know all about the endless belly wubs, kissiez, and treats you shower them with to show how much you appreciate their furry existence!

This Valentine’s Day, we say think outside the sandbox and spoil your dog with these unconventional gift ideas!

For the Sweeties: Stick & Brindle Dog Macarons ($9 & Up)

For the Brainiacs: Aikiou Interactive Dog Feeders ($25 & Up)

For the Tough Chewers: Psychedelic Outward Hound Invincibles® Frog! ($12.85 & Up)

For the Nappers: Harry Barker Classic Stripe Rectangle Dog Bed ($150 & Up)

For the Adventurous Explorers: Minicamplt Pet Teepee ($60 & Up)

For the Playful Monsters: Bubbletastic Bacon Scented Bubble Blower ($19.95)

For the Narcissists (or really more for you humans): Cuddle Clones ($179 & Up)

For the Snazzy Fellas: Yark Leather Collars & Leashes ($75 & Up)


For the Fashionistas: Wagdrobe Style Box ($25 & Up)

Give them one of these super cool gifts and your pup will be the one squeezing your head between their paws saying “Who woofs you, human? Mr. Scraggles wooofs you!”

2016 Style Guide For Your Pets

Dear 2016,


You are quite the rockin' style year! Some humans might say you are pretty ridiculous, trying to make pajamas during the daytime happen and working real hard to bring back the slip dress (WHY). 

But you know what, we like where your head is at. 

You are making bold moves in the pet fashion arena and for that we applaud you!

You’ve finally accepted the fact that our pets WANT to look good!


Because, hey, pets go on dates too! (Valentine's Day anyone?)


Just because our pets get chilly outside does not mean they can’t look like this:

You’ve made the pet snuggie a very real thing! #onesiesforever

You’ve accepted that silk looks pretty good, if not better, on our pets!


You let us know it is OK for dogs to wear jeans..

Or any type of pants for that matter!

As long as they are fitted on their two hind legs (RIGHT, Mr. President?) 

2016, you’ve showed us that it's not entirely a bad idea to accessorize!

A real lady can make a hat work with anything. 🐶👗💕👒 @buffyandisabelle

A photo posted by Wagdrobe™ (@wagdrobe) on

In fact, the more accessories, the better.

So there you have it, year 2016! Thank you for continuing to help us pioneer the world of pet fashion beyond the runway!

We look forward to the future! 

Woof Woof (with love),

The Pet Stylists at Wagdrobe


PS: For the record, pets look WAY cuter in pjs than humans ever will.

This is How Dogs Actually Wear Pants

The internet says the debate is over, but they have gotten it all WRONG...

In case you missed it, last week people needed to know which way a dog would wear pants because, of course they did. (Ah, the internet….a place to voice life’s most important questions!)

As pet stylists who actually dress our customers up in dog pants everyday (yes, they exist and YES they are amazing) we already know the answer, and we figured most people would come to the obvious conclusion on their own! But now with major news outlets publishing articles claiming a completely false outcome (CNNHuffington PostDaily Mail) of this supposed debate we cannot bite our tongues any longer! This is why we've decided to finally write this blog post so that people know the #TRUTH...

It all started with this meme trending all over social media:

GOOD QUESTION, WORLD! Let us help you unravel the mystery..

So one could argue that a dog has 4 “legs” and pants cover your legs, therefore, dogs would wear pants like the left image, essentially looking like a dog permanently submerged in a bathtub.

But, let’s get practical for one second.

Please turn your attention to..

Exhibit A: The Merriam Webster Dictionary definition of pants; an outer garment covering each leg separately and usually extending from the waist to the ankle.

Now ask any pet fashion designer, they will tell you that the image below depicts the precise location of a dog's waist.

Enter exhibit b...

Exhibit B:  A picture showing the location of a dog’s actual waist and how it's accurately measured to be fitted for pants

There you have it, exhibits A and B both prove that the right image below is how dogs are actually supposed to be wearing their pants!

You be the judge.

If you are still having a hard time visualizing an actual dog wearing pants then the following photos should help you out! There’s so many ways to wear them!

Have the sudden urge to cover your dog’s butt in pants? We got you! Head to and checkout our Pooch Next Door style! Your dog will thank you.

What to Wear This Winter

Yay! It’s finally cold outside! Time to play and pee…. in the SNOW!!! We know how much fun it can be burying your noses in the giant wet marshmallow fluff,oh, and licking water from the endless dog bowl that is now your back yard! Don’t even get us started on the soft pillowy feeling of snow on your butts as you do your business. It really is the best time of year, woof WOOF WOOOOF!!!

Just because it’s cold outside does not mean you should slack on showing off your furry style. In fact, Winter is just about the most stylish season there is! Not to mention the importance of bundling up so your snouts and paws stay toasty!

Here are several dogs who have got their Winter 2016 fashion on lock (thanks to the pet stylists at Wagdrobe).

This season’s warm and trendy style is all about:

Infinity Scarves

Matchy hand-knitsthe hat and scarf combo is KEY!

Got my pumpkin latte, my touque on and my winter knitties by @wagdrobe. Bring it on cold weather I'm ready! 💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟

A photo posted by Aleesi, mother of dragon dogs (@alice_cooper_in_wonderland) on

Winter-y patterns

Under the blanket-chic

Snuggling and napping in the sun helps cure a case of the Mondays 😴

A photo posted by Margot Mega The Frenchie (@msmargotmega) on

Layering— yes to denim, ALWAYS!

Happy to get a break from the rain. Good thing he's got a super cute hoody to keep him warm. 🐶😄☔💖 #wagdrobe

A photo posted by Hironnerdlingss (@hironnerdlingss) on

Mix ‘n match

Puffer Vesthello Drake!

Onesiesbecause why on earth not!

So there you have it! Winter is just one big excuse to play around with funky layers and patterns, but also an even bigger excuse to never leave the bed and wear pajamas all day long! Stay warm and really ridiculously good looking out there furriends!

National Pumpkin Day

In honor of this (social media) holiday we wanted to #bless you with these amazing photos of cute animals representing our favorite gourd!



sad sad pug-kin

sad sad pug-kin



“Pumpkin or no pumpkin. There is no in between.”-Yoda

“Pumpkin or no pumpkin. There is no in between.”-Yoda

“Heh. They’re behind me, aren’t they?”

“Heh. They’re behind me, aren’t they?”

squad goals

squad goals



pumpkin “cutie”-pie

pumpkin “cutie”-pie

“Lean in closer, will ya?”

“Lean in closer, will ya?”

family portrait

family portrait

the unlikeliest of friends

the unlikeliest of friends

Trying so hard

Trying so hard

Well, there you have it! Now go out with your smiling face, order a tasty pumpkin spice flavored whatever/ bake a pie & revel in all things Fall!

Wagdrobe on the Today Show

Wagdrobe was featured on Lilliana Vazquez’s “Luxe for Less” segment on The Today Show! 

Here are the video highlights in which Lilliana shows Kathie Lee & Hoda how one can pamper their pooch without burning a hole in their wallets!

"People LOVE shopping for their pets but it can be so expensive."

"People LOVE shopping for their pets but it can be so expensive."

"Starting WAGDROBE..."

"Starting WAGDROBE..."

“They’ll put together a box of an adorable little outfit like this, all with accessories. They start at just $25!”

“They’ll put together a box of an adorable little outfit like this, all with accessories. They start at just $25!”

“So if your dog’s having a birthday…HOW CUTE IS THAT?!”

“So if your dog’s having a birthday…HOW CUTE IS THAT?!”

“I could see any of these on Bambino or Blake (KLG & Hoda’s dogs).”

“I could see any of these on Bambino or Blake (KLG & Hoda’s dogs).”

“This is for Blake.”

“This is for Blake.”

“Yes, that’s definitely a Blake hat.”

“Yes, that’s definitely a Blake hat.”

Watch the complete segment here.

Bark in the Park

This past Saturday, October 10th, Wagdrobe was at the annual Bark in the Park fundraiser supporting the Liberty Humane Society in Hoboken, NJ. The weather started out a bit chilly but soon gave way to a warm summer-like day!

We had a blast meeting our doggie fans that have been following us on social media, all the while making new furriends from the tri-state area! Special shout out to the bulldog who slobbered all over our heads, and to the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who was the first honoree to pee on our Red Pawpet.

It seemed our Red Pawpet was all the rage that day! Owners were loving the idea of snapping a photo of their pets dressed in Wagdrobe’s hottest collections, working it in front of our step-and-repeat wall.

Trixie the Beagle mix looking fierce in his Cowboy hat. So hot for Fall.

Trixie the Beagle mix looking fierce in his Cowboy hat. So hot for Fall.

Lobster or dog? Not sure which one.

Lobster or dog? Not sure which one.

Lana the tiny flying Snow White!

Lana the tiny flying Snow White!

Warm & Trendy Pebbles the shihtzu. Loving the glasses & fashion scarf.

Warm & Trendy Pebbles the shihtzu. Loving the glasses & fashion scarf.

Mister cool, Rocco the shihtzu.

Mister cool, Rocco the shihtzu.

Take a look at our Facebook page for the full event gallery.

We can’t wait to see everypawdy at our next event, DOG DAY 2015 at Weber Park, Union, NJ this Saturday! Woof!


10 Ways to Be a Modern Dog

The NY Times recently published a ridiculous article titled '27 Ways to Be a Modern Man'.

Among the absurdities that made the list where little tidbits such as, "A so-called "modern man" would never call a Helicopter a Chopper (oh, the horror) and the "modern man" will ALWAYS make sure his wife and children's phones are charging before he drifts off to sleep (chivalry, people)." 

This modern man only drinks regular Coke and/or Dr. Pepper, so forget about it Mountain Dew, and he buys his wife shoes as gifts! Because every women wants her husband to buy her shoes for their anniversary! 

Have we lost you guys yet? We're coming to the good stuff!

A Wagdrobe employee had the recent opportunity to sit down and chat with "all-things-modern enthusiast", Mo Modern,  to come up with this more modern list for all you wannabe modern dogs out there who just want to be so modern, so chill! 

Here are 10 ways you can be a modern dog (No, it does not involve charging your owner's iPads for them with your paws while they sleep):

1.  The modern dog is always sure he has made a significant mess within a 5 inch or more radius of his bowl of dry kibble. 

2. The modern dog refuses to place their behind on any furniture that was purchased for that purpose. They will instead choose to sit completely on top of their human because every modern dog knows a human chair is more comfortable than leather. 

3. The modern dog does not brush his teeth. He just does not have the time.

4. The modern dog not only wears clothes but he has matching outfits and accessories and would never be caught dead on a leash wearing the same outfit in any given week.

5. The modern dog will pose for elaborate staged photos but only for treats. 

6. The modern dog has impeccable sleeping etiquette. They will first wait until their human assumes desired sleeping position and only then will they nestle on top of their legs or right up against them so that they are unpleasantly locked in that position for the night. 

7. The modern dog only barks to alert his humans of intruders. Of course to him an intruder is any set of footsteps within a 5 mile radius of your location, the pizza delivery man, a bar of soap, the TV, a chew toy, and so forth.

8. The modern dog has his own Instagram account and he manages it with his own paws. He also has many advertising endorsements and a hired PR person managing his appearances. 

9. The modern dog does not ever feel constricted by a leash. They will charge full speed at any birds or squirrels in their path and will gladly take their owner for a nice brisk walk against their own free will.

10. Lastly, the modern dog really isn't very modern at all. He wants nothing more than for their human to put down the electronics and take them out for a good old- fashioned game of fetch! 

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The Secret to Maintaining Your Dog's Sparkly White Fur Around Their Face

"We say this not in a braggadocious way- but we definitely have the secret and you need to know it right now."- not Donald Trump during the #GOPdebate last night.

Hey you fluffy white-faced dog owners! Yeah we're talking to you! You wash your face twice a day to get rid of the dirt so why not treat your canines the same way?

Our Wagdrobe Co-Founder, Amy, is the proud owner of a pristine Maltese and she always gets asked the same question, "How do you keep his face so clean?" among other irrelevant questions such as "Why is your dog just the cutest dog in NYC?" and "Can I pet his majesty?"

We interviewed Amy and begged her to tell us her secret so we could share them with you and here they are!

1. Wash your dog's face, especially around the eyes, with water after every walk! Your dog manages to sniff the street/mud/grass/trash bags as he/she takes his routine walk which only adds to the discoloring around his/her face. You may not even realize he/she is getting into trouble out there but trust us they are dirty. Wash the face! Do it at least 2x a day. 

2. Be mindful of the food you are feeding your pups. A lot of the big name dog food brands have food coloring in them which can essentially dye your dog's white fur around his/her mouth as they eat, as well as wherever they manage to lick, i.e paws, butt area etc. Stick to all natural/ organic dog food with kibbles that are lighter in color.

3. Check the water you give your pet. In some older apartment building the pipes may be dirtier than you are aware of. This water may appear cloudy or be tinted a reddish color after sitting a few hours. This "hard" water is doing no good for your pet's sparkle, not to mention the health hazards that are associated with this water. Switch to filtered tap water if you can.

4. Here comes the obvious solution— wash your pet in the bath using a gentle Dead Sea Mineral wash (sold in most pet stores) at least once a week. This regimen will wash away all the toxins your pet has accumulated over the week while restoring their shine and softness of the fur!

If you've got additional secrets to share, please free to share with us in the comment section below! 

We Styled the Smartest Shih Tzu in the UK

At Wagdrobe, it IS every day that we get to style pawsome animals from around the world, but we have to say, it is NOT every day that a shih tzu customer, so smart that he can count to 3 and recognize shapes and colors, summons our stylists for a fashion makeover!

Our favorite derpy- faced furball, Cooper (Instagram account: @cuddlycooper), has been making headlines across England for some time now most recently earning the title “Super Cooper The Cleverest Canine” in Blackpool Gazette!

Bottom right photo: Cooper sporting his Hipster Hound outfit by Wagdrobe!

Bottom right photo: Cooper sporting his Hipster Hound outfit by Wagdrobe!

At just 3 months old, his owner Kirsty Forrester taught Cooper to stick his derpy tongue out on command. He picked up the trick so quickly that she decided to enroll the dog prodigy in a prestigious training school where he graduated top of the class! After schooling, Cooper went on to sign with a top UK talent agency and has been showcasing his talents to the world ever since, even starring on Animal Planet!

You've got to check out his videos.  Here's one showing him doing all sorts of tricks!

Now at 2 years old, Cooper is still training on a daily basis and learning new advanced tricks from his owner. Perhaps after graduating from Barxford, he will go on to become the next Alan Turing and invent the first canine computer!  

Seeing how well this guy can rock a bow tie and collared shirt, we can pawroudly say that this shih-tzu genius has got both the brains AND style!

So there you have it — Cooper, you go ahead and be “cleverest canine” in all of the UK and we will continue to help you look the part!

Photo credit: @popcornpawsdogphotography on Instagram

Photo credit: @popcornpawsdogphotography on Instagram

The Real HouseDOGS of Orange County

Dear Andy Cohen,

Housedogs need trashy TV too! Napping while our owners are gone at work all day is quite the tiring job!  After all,” life isn’t all milk bones and garden hoses”, ya feel us?

We’ll make the pitch to Bravo TV execs easy for you! Here’s our picks for the top billed cast including their super catchy “dog-taglines”…

Peekaboo (Instagram: peekaboo_princess)   Dog-tagline: “I don’t really consider myself high maintenance, but my humans might disagree!"

Peekaboo (Instagram: peekaboo_princess)

Dog-tagline: “I don’t really consider myself high maintenance, but my humans might disagree!"

Weezy (Instagram: missmelliebee15)   Dog-tagline: “Don’t let the dress fool you, I could whip your tail in sports ANY DAY!"

Weezy (Instagram: missmelliebee15)

Dog-tagline: “Don’t let the dress fool you, I could whip your tail in sports ANY DAY!"

Rizzo (Instagram: rizzochichigirl)   Dog-tagline: “Sometimes I like to stare at myself in the mirror and ponder, just how did I get so pretty?”

Rizzo (Instagram: rizzochichigirl)

Dog-tagline: “Sometimes I like to stare at myself in the mirror and ponder, just how did I get so pretty?”

Babs (Instagram: sweatypoms)   Dog-tagline: “In this neighborhood you have to look a certain way to fit in with the pack!”

Babs (Instagram: sweatypoms)

Dog-tagline: “In this neighborhood you have to look a certain way to fit in with the pack!”

Kiko (Instagram: kiko_the_little_frenchie)   Dog-tagline: “I live every day as if it’s my birthday and all eyes are on me!"

Kiko (Instagram: kiko_the_little_frenchie)

Dog-tagline: “I live every day as if it’s my birthday and all eyes are on me!"

Giggy (Instagram: giggy_theyorkie)   Dog-tagline: “I’ve always been the sweet pooch next door, but tease me with treats and it will be hard to gain my trust back!”

Giggy (Instagram: giggy_theyorkie)

Dog-tagline: “I’ve always been the sweet pooch next door, but tease me with treats and it will be hard to gain my trust back!”

So Bravo TV are you ready to sign “RHDOC” on for the first season yet?

We are crossing our paws!


**Tune in next week for another RHDOC blog post showcasing new cast members and their dog-taglines!


7 Signs You Might Be a Princess Pet

You know the drill. One stare at your humom/dad with your big donut shaped eyes, cute grin on your face and fluffy tail wagging back and forth and they will give in to just about anything!

Some of your  humans believe they actually have a choice whether to give into your outlandish demands(more bacon please ma’am) but others..well, others simply do not have a choice. This is because you are what some might refer to as a  “Princess Pet” and you will not settle for anything less than absolute pawfection!

Here are the signs that you are actually royalty (or just a naturally born diva):

7. Princess pose is on fleek

"Hooves out front, hooves out to the front!"

"Hooves out front, hooves out to the front!"

6. You absolutely NEED your beauty rest

"This better be memory foam! human"

"This better be memory foam! human"

5. You are your own best friend

"You are so pretty! No, YOU are so pretty!"

"You are so pretty! No, YOU are so pretty!"

4. You refuse to go outside without full princess ensemble

"My tiara brings all the boys to the yard.."

"My tiara brings all the boys to the yard.."

3. You know how to work a party dress

"I call this look BLUE STEEL."

"I call this look BLUE STEEL."

2. Talk to the hand humans!

"Ok mother, I'm parched and my bowl of water won't move to me by itself."

"Ok mother, I'm parched and my bowl of water won't move to me by itself."

1. You constantly give "the EYE"

“Treat. Now. Did I stu-u-t-tt-er?”

“Treat. Now. Did I stu-u-t-tt-er?”

Sound familiar? You’re definitely a princess pet and that means you deserve the finer things in life from your humans! Step one: Dress the part by ordering your  “Spoiled Princess” pet fashion Wagdrobe box!

Wagdrobe’s pet stylists promise to put together the perfect princess outfits including sparkling accessories & the prettiest dresses... just for you!

Furry Fashionistas & Their Celebrity Woof-alikes

People keep asking us where our stylists draw their inspiration for all of our fashion forward pup styles! The simple answer is of course HOLLYWOOD. To prove it we put together this little celebrity look-alike post to show we aren’t just pulling our PAWesome Wagdrobe ensembles out of our tails! The real question is who wears it better…our furry fashionistas or their human counterparts?

Bad To The Bone Charlie: Miley Cyrus

Bad To The Bone Charlie: Miley Cyrus

Ivy Leaguer Baxter: Prince Harry

Ivy Leaguer Baxter: Prince Harry

Pooch Next Door Mason: Jessica Alba

Pooch Next Door Mason: Jessica Alba

Spoiled Princess Waffles: Paris Hilton

Spoiled Princess Waffles: Paris Hilton

Candy Girl Sophia: Kiernan Shipka

Candy Girl Sophia: Kiernan Shipka

Trendsetter Giggy: Olivia Palermo

Trendsetter Giggy: Olivia Palermo

Hipster Hound Gizmo: Andy Cohen

Hipster Hound Gizmo: Andy Cohen

Want to transform your pet into a Hollywood Heartthrob? Shop all of our popular styles at!

Game of Bones Fashion

Blogisode 1: How to look like Jon Snow

Materials needed: Leather Jacket + Fur Collar + WIG

The resemblance is uncanny!

Blogisode 2: How to look like Daenerys Targaryen/ Khaleesi/Mother of Dragons or whatever they call her...

Materials needed: Teal Fabric (we used a Tote Bag!) + Wig + Brown Belt

"I will do what queens do. I will rule!"