This is How Dogs Actually Wear Pants

The internet says the debate is over, but they have gotten it all WRONG...

In case you missed it, last week people needed to know which way a dog would wear pants because, of course they did. (Ah, the internet….a place to voice life’s most important questions!)

As pet stylists who actually dress our customers up in dog pants everyday (yes, they exist and YES they are amazing) we already know the answer, and we figured most people would come to the obvious conclusion on their own! But now with major news outlets publishing articles claiming a completely false outcome (CNNHuffington PostDaily Mail) of this supposed debate we cannot bite our tongues any longer! This is why we've decided to finally write this blog post so that people know the #TRUTH...

It all started with this meme trending all over social media:

GOOD QUESTION, WORLD! Let us help you unravel the mystery..

So one could argue that a dog has 4 “legs” and pants cover your legs, therefore, dogs would wear pants like the left image, essentially looking like a dog permanently submerged in a bathtub.

But, let’s get practical for one second.

Please turn your attention to..

Exhibit A: The Merriam Webster Dictionary definition of pants; an outer garment covering each leg separately and usually extending from the waist to the ankle.

Now ask any pet fashion designer, they will tell you that the image below depicts the precise location of a dog's waist.

Enter exhibit b...

Exhibit B:  A picture showing the location of a dog’s actual waist and how it's accurately measured to be fitted for pants

There you have it, exhibits A and B both prove that the right image below is how dogs are actually supposed to be wearing their pants!

You be the judge.

If you are still having a hard time visualizing an actual dog wearing pants then the following photos should help you out! There’s so many ways to wear them!

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