We Can Make A Difference


We don’t take ourselves very seriously at Wagdrobe. After all, how could we when we outfit ANIMALS with pretty absurd (but really cute, c’mon admit it) hipster frames, lace blouses, onesie pajamas, and so on?

With that said, we take our animals very seriously and need your help “paw-ing it forward". Now that we have established a platform of loyal followers we are going to use this platform to raise awareness to an organization that we hold near and dear to our animal loving hearts.

From here on in, a portion from every single Wagdrobe purchase will go towards a yearly donation to the ASPCA, so they can continue the ongoing fight to end animal cruelty around the world. 

Be kind and help spread the love.  Together we can help save the lives of animals, and do so in style.


Woof (with love),                                                            


Chief Barking Officer at Wagdrobe