Pawesome Valentine's Day Gifts for Dogs

You love your dog and if you’re like us you tell them pretty much every second of the day“Who wuvs you?! Mommy wuvs you Mr.Scraggles!”

We know all about the endless belly wubs, kissiez, and treats you shower them with to show how much you appreciate their furry existence!

This Valentine’s Day, we say think outside the sandbox and spoil your dog with these unconventional gift ideas!

For the Sweeties: Stick & Brindle Dog Macarons ($9 & Up)

For the Brainiacs: Aikiou Interactive Dog Feeders ($25 & Up)

For the Tough Chewers: Psychedelic Outward Hound Invincibles® Frog! ($12.85 & Up)

For the Nappers: Harry Barker Classic Stripe Rectangle Dog Bed ($150 & Up)

For the Adventurous Explorers: Minicamplt Pet Teepee ($60 & Up)

For the Playful Monsters: Bubbletastic Bacon Scented Bubble Blower ($19.95)

For the Narcissists (or really more for you humans): Cuddle Clones ($179 & Up)

For the Snazzy Fellas: Yark Leather Collars & Leashes ($75 & Up)


For the Fashionistas: Wagdrobe Style Box ($25 & Up)

Give them one of these super cool gifts and your pup will be the one squeezing your head between their paws saying “Who woofs you, human? Mr. Scraggles wooofs you!”