The Secret to Maintaining Your Dog's Sparkly White Fur Around Their Face

"We say this not in a braggadocious way- but we definitely have the secret and you need to know it right now."- not Donald Trump during the #GOPdebate last night.

Hey you fluffy white-faced dog owners! Yeah we're talking to you! You wash your face twice a day to get rid of the dirt so why not treat your canines the same way?

Our Wagdrobe Co-Founder, Amy, is the proud owner of a pristine Maltese and she always gets asked the same question, "How do you keep his face so clean?" among other irrelevant questions such as "Why is your dog just the cutest dog in NYC?" and "Can I pet his majesty?"

We interviewed Amy and begged her to tell us her secret so we could share them with you and here they are!

1. Wash your dog's face, especially around the eyes, with water after every walk! Your dog manages to sniff the street/mud/grass/trash bags as he/she takes his routine walk which only adds to the discoloring around his/her face. You may not even realize he/she is getting into trouble out there but trust us they are dirty. Wash the face! Do it at least 2x a day. 

2. Be mindful of the food you are feeding your pups. A lot of the big name dog food brands have food coloring in them which can essentially dye your dog's white fur around his/her mouth as they eat, as well as wherever they manage to lick, i.e paws, butt area etc. Stick to all natural/ organic dog food with kibbles that are lighter in color.

3. Check the water you give your pet. In some older apartment building the pipes may be dirtier than you are aware of. This water may appear cloudy or be tinted a reddish color after sitting a few hours. This "hard" water is doing no good for your pet's sparkle, not to mention the health hazards that are associated with this water. Switch to filtered tap water if you can.

4. Here comes the obvious solution— wash your pet in the bath using a gentle Dead Sea Mineral wash (sold in most pet stores) at least once a week. This regimen will wash away all the toxins your pet has accumulated over the week while restoring their shine and softness of the fur!

If you've got additional secrets to share, please free to share with us in the comment section below!