2016 Style Guide For Your Pets

Dear 2016,


You are quite the rockin' style year! Some humans might say you are pretty ridiculous, trying to make pajamas during the daytime happen and working real hard to bring back the slip dress (WHY). 

But you know what, we like where your head is at. 

You are making bold moves in the pet fashion arena and for that we applaud you!

You’ve finally accepted the fact that our pets WANT to look good!


Because, hey, pets go on dates too! (Valentine's Day anyone?)


Just because our pets get chilly outside does not mean they can’t look like this:

You’ve made the pet snuggie a very real thing! #onesiesforever

You’ve accepted that silk looks pretty good, if not better, on our pets!


You let us know it is OK for dogs to wear jeans..

Or any type of pants for that matter!

As long as they are fitted on their two hind legs (RIGHT, Mr. President?) 

2016, you’ve showed us that it's not entirely a bad idea to accessorize!

A real lady can make a hat work with anything. 🐶👗💕👒 @buffyandisabelle

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In fact, the more accessories, the better.

So there you have it, year 2016! Thank you for continuing to help us pioneer the world of pet fashion beyond the runway!

We look forward to the future! 

Woof Woof (with love),

The Pet Stylists at Wagdrobe


PS: For the record, pets look WAY cuter in pjs than humans ever will.