Press Release

Wagdrobe Announces Expanded Business Offering Pet Fashion to Cats, Mini Pigs, Rabbits and More

Wagdrobe has been steadily building a reputation as an exciting source of fun, fashionable, high- quality dog clothes that just make pet lovers smile. Celebrating their success, the company has announced the expansion of their pet fashion business - now offering services to other animals including cats, rabbits, mini pigs and more.

New York, NY -- 06/11/2015 -- It's hard to describe anything cuter than the family pet decked out in a full Wagdrobe ensemble. The innovative company, which pioneered curated pet fashion boxes, is quickly growing their customer base while gaining a great deal of momentum on social media for their work. Wagdrobe has now expanded their service to offer pet fashion for other kinds of pets including cats, mini pigs, rabbits and more, all uniquely tailored to their species, breed and size.

"We want to offer every pet the opportunity to look fabulous," commented the founders of Wagdrobe. "It's not every day that you see mini pigs or cats dressed up as often as dogs do, because their clothes and accessories haven't always been accessible. However, at Wagdrobe, we welcome all kinds of customers and make sure that every pet can express his/her own fashion sense!"

According to the company, shopping at Wagdrobe is as simple as it is fun. Customers pick their favorite style, provide a description of the pet, and just sit back and relax while their uniquely curated Wardrobe, full of surprise apparel and accessories, is delivered in 1-2 weeks.

Shoppers' feedback has been overwhelmingly positive with tons of customer photos pouring in on Instagram and Facebook. Celebrity prairie dogs, Bing and Swarley, recently commented on Instagram, "Bing loves this outfit from Wagdrobe! The shirt fits perfectly for him! It's always hard to find clothes small enough for prairie dogs."

For more information and to have a look at many happy pets in their Wagdrobe outfits, be sure to visit