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Innovative Pet Fashion Company Wagdrobe Announces Launch of Exciting Online Store

For pet lovers who love to see their furry best friends looking their best, a new company recently announced their launch to huge anticipation Wagdrobe.  Wagdrobe offers curated, cute and fun fashion choices for pets picked by expert stylists, all styled to perfection.  Shoppers have responded with enthusiasm.

New York, NY- April 11, 2015

Many people would agree, that there are few things on Earth as cute as a well dressed dog.  While pet sweaters and other gear have been around for years, recently a new company Wagdrobe has announced their launch, and they clearly take pet fashion to another amazing level.  Wagdrobe offers adorable and high quality fashion choices hand selected and curated by top pet fashion stylists.  Pet lovers agree, the results need to be seen to be believed.

“We are really excited to be offering this new and fun shopping experience for pet parents,”  commented Amy Yu and Erica Feld, co-founders of Wagdrobe.  “There are countless pet fashion e-commerce and retail stores out there, but we think the idea of curated and personalized orders is the future of online shopping. It’s simple and saves time, which is something all of us, especially busy New Yorkers, need much more of. We just want to bring smiles to pet parents across the globe!”

According to the company, they are very happy to offer a wide selection of choices for dogs based on style preferences, and of course the size and shape of the furry friend.  The stylists then create a unique “wagdrobe” based on the information that is sure to stun and inspire smiles, all shipped in a special Wagdrobe box.  Currently, there are nine styles to choose from, with quirky names ranging from ‘Spoiled Princess’ to ‘Hipster Hound.’

The online shop opens for business on April 15, 2015 and pet lovers can hardly wait.

Emily G., a blogger from Boston, remarked, “There's no way our pug isn't getting a Wagdrobe.  This is so awesome, it's hard to put into words.  A great way for pet owners to express their love, sense of style and willingness to separate themselves from the pack!”

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